Posted by: sportsandbeans | July 18, 2006

Not in the Near Future

Miloby Milo

You will never EEEVVVEERR see Chris Jericho in a wrestling ring again.

At least, not in the near future.

Chris Jericho (Chris Irvine in real life), in a recent interview in the Canadian Press today said that he had no plans to return to wrestling right now, and he’ll only start thinking about going back to wrestling IF he’s out on the street wiping your windows down when you stop at a red light.

So much for seeing the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) again.

Chris Jericho and his FamilyChris Jericho has tasted this newfound freedom from the hectic world of professional wrestling, and he’s loving every second of it. His music career is on the upside (not much, but still up), his acting career is getting there and he has already enough money to live off his entire life. Plus, he has now more time to tend to his family.

So why the heck will he want to go back to wrestling?

Look at the Rock. Since his first movie, he has been in-out of the wrestling business, mostly out. He’s earning more than what he gets paid for in a rough-and-tumble world of wrestling. Why get hurt to do stunts and receive chair shots for money when you can receive more without spilling a single drop of blood?

Plus, to lessen the incentive of him returning, Chris Jericho wasn’t the main superstar, the one taken care of by the WWE. Though he had the charisma and the wrestling skills and is arguably one of the biggest superstars in the business, he remained the most misused wrestlers in the WWE.

He only has won once the top title in the WWE, the now-defunct WWE Undisputed Championship. His other supposed title reign when he defeated Triple H was erased from the record books because the Game “had the power” in the storyline.

His finishing move, the Walls of Jericho, became a joke as it was turned into one of the easiest moves to escape out of. He was thrown into all sorts of useless feuds in the latter part of his career. One can surmise that his career was headed in a downward spiral when he lost his Intercontinental Championship to a young upstart in Shelton Benjamin at Taboo Tuesday instead of an established wrestler.

He was demoted to a “pusher”, a top-tier wrestler who loses on purpose to bring up the star power of his opponent. As if to punctuate this fact even further, his last match involved him losing to a young upstart WWE champion in John Cena.

Why would he go back and experience this frustration all over again?

Look at Matt Hardy. His charisma and fan appeal sparked his return and the start of his all-time high as a singles wrestler in the WWE. The Mattitude era arrived with a bang, only to be gunned down by long-time rival Edge and Lita in their final encounter. This loss sent him into limbo called Smackdown where he defeats unknown indy wrestlers or gets beaten up by midcarders.

Ironically enough, WWE needs him now more than ever. The depletion of star power in the current roster of the WWE, the rise of the other wrestling brand TNA and the real fighting UFC, and the dip in the ratings call for a return of a well-known charismatic figure who can actually wrestle.

(And WWE brings in Hulk Hogan.)

But, it’s all about Chris Jericho now.

No one in the lackluster creative department of the WWE or wrestlers with creative control can dictate which direction Jericho is going. No more “almost everyday” road trips that keep him away from home and his family. No more owners screaming into his ears telling him what to do and say.

The self-proclaimed King of the World is finally now king of his own life.


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