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WWE Summerslam 2006 Picks =)

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August 20th is just a stone’s throw away, and every WWE fan in this side of the universe has been going nuts over SUMMERSLAM 2006! It’s been raining cats and dogs here in Manila as of late, but let me tell you, that has not, and will not, deter the Filipinos’ liking for the WWE.

WWE hype has been at an all time high this year because of intense marketing efforts courtesy of Solar Entertainment, coupled with the recent RAW LIVE TOUR, updated RAW/SMACKDOWN episodes on JACK TV, and even quick audience interactivity TV spots like “WWE Wrestback”. In addition to all of that, a half-Pinoy ex-World Heavyweight Champion by the name of David Batista is coming to the country along with other international celebrities like The Undertaker, Ken Kennedy, and Rey Mysterio in a matter of months.

As of this writing, I’m certain that tickets for the Summerslam screenings at SM Cinemas are being bought faster than an RKO being put on Hulk Hogan on the trunk of a Buick.

Indeed, Juan Dela Cruz in sweatpants has had a lot to rave about in ’06.

Being a Filipino wrestling fan myself (I wear jogging pants ala-Shane O’Mac though, not sweats), written below are my personal winning picks for Summerslam 2006. You may agree or disagree with my picks via the Sports and Beans comments links. Interact folks, interact! =)

*DX vs. The McMahons: This one’s been going back and forth for months now, with Vince McMahon using henchmen like Umaga and the members of the Spirit Squad to do the dirty work. Now, it’s put up or shut up time. Because the McMahons are the McMahons (they “never lose”), and because the DX party can only contain so much superstardom for so long, look for Vinny Mac and Shane O’Mac to pick up the “W” here, with the potential of Triple H and Shawn Michaels getting into fisticuffs due to an “accidental” in-ring miscue. From here, perhaps we can finally see Hunter and Shawn as the “King of Kings” and “HBK” again, which basically means that it’s back to main event duty, and the end of vacation time with flashers, strange gifts delivery men, and, well, Candice Michelle.

WINNER: Vince and Shane McMahon

*Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero: Now here’s a rivalry I feel many people saw coming. it was only a matter of time before Rey Rey’s championship fortune ran out, and what better way to have it diminish then via a dose of “Guerrero genetics”? My guess for this one is a Mysterio victory, but not without some cuts, bruises, and broken bones courtesy of Chavito. I guess Vicky Guerrero didn’t do a good enough job convincing Chavo that Eddie wouldn’t approve of his “dastardly ways”. Come to think of it, would Eddie’s on-screen persona really disapprove of betrayal? In the realm of sports entertainment, and with “Latino Heat”, you really never can tell.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio (Via DQ)

*Undertaker vs. The Great Khali (Last Man Standing): After Big Show did a sudden sub-job for the latter at the Great American Bash, some sports entertainment pundits wondered what WWE creative directors’ plans were for this gargantuan rivalry- both figuratively and literally. Recently, the Undertaker finally scored a touchdown by putting Khali on his back for the first time since entering the WWE. For me, the WWE will work on history in this case. ‘Taker has faced many giants in the past- Diesel, Giant Gonzalez, Kama Mustafa, etc. His nemeses score one or two victories against him either during “minor to mid-level” PPVs or during weekly broadcasts. The Deadman then makes an ominous challenge to the opponent at a big time PPV like Wrestlemania, or in this case, Summerslam, then eliminates the opponent from the face of the Earth forever (or should the opponent make a comeback, he returns as different from what he was in the beginning). Besides, the chokeslam on the most recent telecast of Smackdown seemed to be foreboding enough. Who knows, Vince McMahon might actually go new school with this rivalry, but to me, at this point in time, the more likely outcome would be the boss sticking to a tried and tested formula.

WINNER: The Undertaker

*Sabu vs. The Big Show (For ECW Title): Here’s a fascinating contest. In the last few months, Show’s been virtually unbeatable in his defense of the ECW World Title, fending off contenders such as Ric Flair, Kane, and The Undertaker. For the first time since RVD, we will FINALLY be witness to an ECW main event involving a longtime ECW alumnus, in this case, Sabu. RVD just recently returned from injury, and I’m guessing management would love to get the inspirational favorite back in the hunt for the gold. Because the idea of a Van Dam/Sabu main event for the ECW gold seems to be too good to pass up, and because The Big Show may have just outstayed his welcome on Tuesday nights, I say the gold changes hands on August 20.

WINNER: Sabu (New ECW Champion)

*Randy Orton vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan: Now here’s another match that has the markings of legendary veteran vs. cocky upstart written all over it, not to mention that the vet referred to here is the immortal Hulk Hogan.

As much as it seems that Hogan is going to whoop The Legend Killer’s tush to Mars, I’m guessing McMahon will pull a gambit on this one. This feud has a wildcard involved in it, that being Hulk’s daughter Brooke. Because the Brooke Hogan angle exists, and because it doesn’t seem like it will be resolved anytime soon, look for Orton to beat the odds here and pull a fast one over Hogan. The Hulkster may win the war eventually, but for now, the battle W, should go to Randy. This rivarly could actually drag on a “second” or two longer than expected.

WINNER: Randy Orton

Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley (“I Quit” Match): This one’s been brewing for months now, and, in true Nature Boy fashion, Ric Flair’s been on the offensive all throughout. Foley may be the “King of Hardcore”, and he may beat Ric Flair to a bloody pulp once or twice, but in the end, I don’t think the WWE would dare taint the latter’s legacy to the point that he enters the twilight of his career without more or less being on top. It would go against the Nature Boy’s character theme that has allowed him to hover above most others in the wrestling business for many years. Even if Mick loses this match at Summerslam, he will still have other in-ring opportunities through which he may “redeem” himself (at least, more than Flair). With all of that having been said, I think it’s quite obvious whom I think will (and should) win this bout come August 20th.

WINNER: Ric Flair

*John Cena vs. Edge (WWE Championship): My buddy Milo is an Edge fan. I’m not exactly a member of the Chain Gang, but I like Cena’s motto- “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect”. I reality, this match may end up as nothing more than a scenario-builder, one that is staged to further a sense of anticipation for a bout between Edge and Cena for the gold and all the bragging rights at an even bigger stage- say, Wrestlemania. For this one, I will concur with my buddy Milo and say that Edge will retain the WWE title- by hook or by crook. Look for Lita, as usual, to get involved here. Who knows, a third party (apart from Lita), might get involved in this match (and in the title hunt), just to make things interesting.

WINNER: Urm, the point is I think Edge will retain his championship. Hehe.

and finally…

*Batista vs. King Booker (For World Heavyweight Title): In a previous entry, I mentioned how I think that the WWE should work on nurturing a potential rivalry between the Bookman and Batista before allowing the The Animal to capture the World Heavyweight Championship for a second time. Knowing how Vince McMahon operates, though, I have a hunch that Batista will win the World Title come Summerslam- if only for the company to cash in on the “one time, big time” paycheck. Pay know, worry later. It’s happened before, and I don’t see anything substantially existent in the near future that ought to prevent it from happening.

WINNER: Batista (New World Heavyweight Champion)

What do you guys out there in sporty-land think? Tell us about it! You’re comments on this, and all the other subjects we’ve written about here on Sports and Beans are very much welcome. =)





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  2. I love sports so much I blog all day about it. My wife is ready to divorce me cause I just cant get past my sunday ticket. Hahahaha

    Anyway, I love reading about this!

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