Posted by: sportsandbeans | September 5, 2006

Individual Awards: UAAP Season 69 Picks


by Milo

With only three games remaining in Season 69 of the UAAP Season, two crucial games (NU vs ADMU, FEU vs ADMU) on Saturday and an almost no-bearing game on Sunday (UE vs ADMU), it is probably time to predict the individuals who will garner the coveted top awards for this year in Men’s Basketball.

Coach of the Year: Norman Black, Ateneo Blue Eagles
With one year of experience tucked under his belt, Norman Black spearheaded the surge of the Ateneo Blue Eagles from the sidelines, and turned this team into a faster, more aggressive and more team-oriented squad despite the significant drop of talent with the departure of star point guard LA Tenorio, star center Japeth Aguilar, clutch shooter Magnum Membrere, and hustle player Bajjie del Rosario. No one would’ve thought that Ateneo would win, and even threatened to sweep the entire pre-final four. No one would’ve guessed that Rabeh Al-Hussaini, a joke last year, could be such a presence inside. Who would’ve thought that Doug Kramer, known for his butterfingers, be a consistent near or double-double generator each game? And why are the Blue Eagles scoring an average of 86.5 points per game, dishing out 18.4 assists, grabbing 43.9 rebounds while only turning the ball an average of 15.6 per game? (By the way, those stats are ranked first in the league) Norman Black prepared these guys well for this season, and I would not be surprised if they win it all this year.

Next in line: Pido Jarencio, UST Tigers.

Defensive Player of the Year: Edwin Asoro, NU
This is one tough award to give out. No one in this current season has really stood out as a defensive presence much like Arwind Santos last year. In fact, I could also give this out to the wonder rookie Jervy Cruz of the UST Tigers, Doug Kramer of the Ateneo Blue Eagles, or even my pick for MVP Ken Bono of the Adamson Falcons. However, I’m tossing a coin (if there’s a four-sided coin, then I’m tossing that as well) and say Asoro wins it this year. Sure, the Bulldogs are once again, in the bottom of the standings, but Asoro has been doing it all for his team this year that his name appears in the top ten of blocks, rebounds and steals. Throw in that he’s also in the top ten in points, and you can see an all-around player who tries his best offensively and defensively to carry the Bulldogs to the final four.

Next in line: Jervy Cruz, Doug Kramer, Ken Bono, Macky Escalona

Mythical Five:
Center – Ken Bono, ADU
Forward – Doug Kramer, ADMU
Forward – JC Intal, ADMU
Guard – Bonbon Custodio, UE
Guard – Marvin Cruz, UP

Ahhh, the mythical five, probably the toughest picks of them all. I picked these guys due to their consistency throughout the season. I’m more or less ok with my picks with the exception of Bonbon Custodio only because Jeffrei Chan has been a demon this season for the Tamaraws despite the losses. Discussions are most welcome for these picks.

Next in line: Center – Jervy Cruz (UST), Forward – Edwin Asoro (NU), Jeffrei Chan (FEU), Nestor David (UP), Guard, Jonas Villanueva (FEU), Chris Tiu (ADMU)

Rookie of the Year: Jervy Cruz, UST
Jervy would win this hands-down. This season has shown us many promising rookies like Ateneo’s Eric Salamat and UP’s Migs de Asis and Woody Co, but none as dominating and significant as starter Jervy Cruz. Just look at what he’s done in his rookie year: top 5 in points, league leader in rebounds, top 3 in blocks, and averaging 16.2 points, 12.8 rebounds, 1.2 blocks while sporting only 1.9 turnovers. Plus, he has gotten into the double-double figure territory in all 12 games except one this season. Some of those are not of pure luck alone — does 18 points and 20 rebounds in one game, 25 points and 14 rebounds, 17 points and 15 rebounds sound weak? You just might be looking at the next MVP of the league right here in the future.

[EDIT] I’ve just found out that Jervy may not be eligible to win rookie of the year for one reason or the other. So if Jervy is not available, then my pick will go to Migs de Asis of the UP Fighting Maroons. Albeit a bit trigger happy at the three, he has been a good player for the Maroons despite the losses encountered. He has been nailing those mid-range jumpers as if the hoop was two feet away. Often reliable at the rainbow, he helped the Maroons out of some tight spots, and open up the middle with his shooting for their big guys to operate in. Second in scoring amongst all rookies (behind Jervy), second in average 3-pointers, this guy is certainly rookie-of-the-year material.

MVP: Karl Kenneth Bono, ADU

If not Ken, then JC Intal of the Ateneo Blue Eagles, but Ken Bono is the man for this year’s MVP award. I would’ve placed Marvin Cruz here, but UP’s performance this year most likely crumbled all his chances of garnering that award. Ken Bono, leader of the Soaring Falcons is having his best year in UAAP this time around sporting averages of 22.1 (up from 11.7 in 2005) points, 10.5 (up from 6.6) rebounds per game, and 1.6 (up from .6) assists, not to mention his overall improvement in defense, his midrange jumpers, his stamina/durability and his clutch shooting in endgame has powered the Falcons to where they are now. His wide body couldn’t possibly make him a good shotblocker, but he does not get winded that easily anymore that he can now provide offense and defense on both ends of the court, stay in the game longer, and go with the flow of the running game this year. And yes, this is the man who led the Falcons into almost defeating the Blue Eagles twice this season (yes, if it were not for Chris Tiu’s final shot, or JC Intal’s running bank in the wee seconds of those games, Adamson would’ve swept the Blue Eagles this season).

There you have it, my picks for the individual awards for season 69. Feel free to comment on my choices anytime.



  1. With the recent final four developments, UST forcing a rubber match with UE and Adamson bowing down to Ateneo. i believe that Jervy Cruz can become the first rookie MVP to win the award if ever UST pushes through the finals. I picked Ken Bono but the Falcons are out of the running despite Bono’s monster game against Ateneo. I am optimistic of UST’s chances and hoping that they could go all the way because it has been a long time since UST had a prized slotman. Inspite of all the injuries, the Dominican fathers may have spent the rest of the time in praying for their recovery enough to make it to the final four. With the old reliables back like Duncil (he should have been considered running for MVP if not for injuries) and monster contributions from Espiritu, Ababou, Taylor, etc and the leadership of Evangelista. I guess the long title drought will soon be over.. GO USTE!

  2. Hi there shawndman!

    Jervy Cruz is certainly in the running for MVP. I can’t disagree with you there. However, at this point, I can’t seem him winning the award this year, even if they become champions. Maybe finals MVP if they do win, but for the MVP of the entire season, it’s still between Bono and Intal. By registering only 11 points and 9 rebounds in their game against UE with Canlas overshadowing Cruz in that game certainly didn’t help his bid for MVP.

    And although Bono is out of the finals picture, don’t count him out yet. The MVP plum is not mainly judged by how far your team goes, but by how well you’ve played the entire season. That 33 point, 9 rebound, 3 block, with 3-pointers to boot for a center, and almost single-handedly beat the Eagles accounts for a MVP award.

    It’s still between Intal and Bono for me. Too close to call. These two athletes have been superb the entire season, and those clutch plays, media hype, and leadership all help in their respective bids. Intal, playing his final year, may get the slight nod, but I’m still sticking with Ken Bono at this point in time.

    Thanks for your inputs!


  3. c’mon guys lets face it, Jervy Cruz is no longer a rookie,,.because he is not eligible for some reason, maybe the reason is he already played earlier in the senior level,,..hahaha…so dont call him rookie anymore because your killing me softly…ayt??

    ps: dont be offended for that ok?? accept it like a man..

  4. Hi kokoy!
    Well, thanks for shedding the light in the Jervy Cruz situation. I didn’t know he already played before.
    I actually was amused by your “killing me softly” comment. 🙂

  5. Actually in yesterday’s game (which UST lost BTW thanks to a brilliantly executed play by Norman Black) it was hinted by one of the commentators that Jervy Cruz has been riding the bench or has been with the team for more than a year because he was overwieght or something.

    I’m not quite sure though if i heard that right, since i was very much immersed in that nail biting win by ADMU.

    BTW, is it really possible to win a game witt 1 second remaining? That was pretty close call for Doug Kramer yesterday.

  6. Hi Glenn! This is Migs, Milo’s co-writer on the Sports and Beans team. I will respond to one of your points- it is certainly possible for a team to score a basket with 01.0 seconds remaining on the game clock. Replays on Studio 23 showed that Kramer let the shot loose with 0.02 seconds to go. Ergo, the basket was legit.

    In case your an NBA fanatic like myself, bro, do check out a certain playoff game from 2004 between the LA Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs (if I’m not mistaken, the game was in the Western Conference Semis, in Texas…that was game 3, I believe). Derek Fisher, then of the Lakers, caught the ball in the left cornercourt area of the frontcourt and threw up a prayer which swished through with 0.02 seconds to go, which consequently gave LA a 2-1 lead in the best of 7 series. While replays showed that it was possible that the tips of Fisher’s fingers still partially touched the basketball as time expired (although others argue that the ball was heaved up just in the knick of time), the shot was credited nonetheless, which only goes to show that yes, the most amazing things can happen in a cycle of 48 minutes. If D-Fish could’ve knocked down a “J” with that much time left, what more Doug K. with one tick to go?

    In basketball, it’s the “tenths of seconds” that can be said to be the most vital increments of time, on paper, and in theory.

    Thanks for visiting the site, man. We’ll have more UAAP pieces in the future so do stay tuned! Tell your friends about the site! =)


  7. Hi Glenn,

    Jervy was in the team B of UST for 2 years with, yes, due to his weight issues. Therefore, his eligibility of winning the Rookie of the Year was nullified according to the “Jai Reyes rule” which took effect last year. I didn’t know that when I first wrote this article picking him for Rookie of the Year.

    And yes, it is possible to win with one second left. The replays showed that he was able to release it at the 0.4 mark to win the game for Ateneo.

    In the NBA, Derek Fisher of the Los Angeles Lakers back then defeated the San Antonio Spurs when he shot a gamewinner with 0.4 seconds remaining at the clock to win 74-73.

    After that event, which caused quite an uproar, especially with the San Antonio fans, I’m not sure but I believe they made a rule specifically for that in the NBA next season where there must be at least 0.6 seconds left for a player to be physically able to catch and shoot.

    Since the clock only starts from the moment it touches a player, that perfect Macky Escalona pass to Doug Kramer for a quick undergoal stab with 1 second left isn’t impossible. If Kramer did a pump fake, time would’ve expired, but he went up as soon as he received the ball, so it counted.

    Thanks for the comment!

  8. I stand corrected on one thing- D-Fish made a his backbreaking jumper with 0.4 seconds remaining, not a blistering 0.02 seconds. hehe.

    Thanks for the heads up, Milo. =)


  9. hi guys! well, i congatulate the atenean community for their win against UST last Sunday. I was there as we witnessed an exciting switch of momentum, unfortunately against UST’s expense. But my hats off to coach Pido for taking it and charging it to experience. Well, afterall he’s a rookie coach remember? I heard that the spirits of the boys were still high even in the locker room. Its a good learning experience and I hope that in the next game they learn to handle the pressure. Because i believe that if a wounded Tiger is hurt, watch out coz it might be roaring to comeback. To the players, relive the experience of 96 (i was part of that batch before)and I hope you rise against the challenge. Lets’ Go Beat Ateneo! THIS IS OUR YEAR! GOOD LUCK!


  11. hi guys what can u say about UST’s win over ateneo game 2? Bagyo din ba?

  12. well,para talaga sa ust ang titulong yun.But i didnt expect more on ust since the beginning of the season.But look at this they are now champion………

  13. isa pa nung individual awarrding hindi sukat maisip kung papaano naging rookie of the year si woody co,malaki pa naman ang kumpiyansa jo na si jervy cruz ang makakakuha ng titulong yun

  14. congrats pala sa buong fan ng ouste for being the champion……………

  15. sana sa season 70 balik uli ang lasalle para mas masaya……
    mas maraming team ang kasali mas amganda

  16. Hi jm,

    As discussed in the comments, Jervy was in the team B of UST for 2 years due to his weight issues. Therefore, his eligibility of winning the Rookie of the Year was nullified due to the “Jai Reyes rule” which took effect last year.
    The Rookie of the Year rules now state that:

    – The ROY should be a freshman in college in the said school.
    – His age should not be 21 and above.

    Therefore, the Rookie of the Year award was up for grabs for UP star rookies Woody Co or Migs de Asis. Since Woody Co contributed in more ways than points compared to de Asis, Co brought home the award.

    Thanks for writing,


  18. yo anonymous! great observation. so whats ur problem dude? wanna piece of me?

  19. let’s take it easy now guys. =)

    friendly discussions only. =) be good.


  20. sken lng c chris tiu…….. sana chris tiu txt mo q…… support ko team nio. luv n luv kta……. pwomizzz

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