Posted by: sportsandbeans | September 5, 2006

Sick, Sad, World =)

migs id by Migs

The Philippines is a basketball-mad country. That’s pretty obvious.

“If we’re so ecstatic over the game.”, says the typical basketball fan, “Then why can’t we make our mark in the international scene on a consistent basis?”

Again, blame it on the black suits at the front office of Philippine Basketball, those tasked to work towards the flourishing, not floundering, of Juan Dela Cruz-style hoops.

In an article dated August 31, 2006 on, national team members lamented on the reality behind coping with the current plight of their squad, and of the localized version of the sport they’ve devoted their lives to.

The key word in the Yehey piece, written by Manila Times Reporter Joel Orellana, was “sacrifice”.


While sacrifice is a good thing, why should we be meant to swallow so much? Why should we be meant to curl up as so many umerited fireballs are thrown our way?

Players like Danny Seigle and Asi Taulava make enough of a sacrifice by placing their professional careers on the line to play for our nation’s colors. As much as their playing for the national squad is a “voluntary” exercise, and as much as it is a matter of pride, let’s get real here. Assimilating the schedule the nationals have can take it’s toll, in that even the best athlete’s body will be a bit banged up if he/she is made to compete at a high level tournament on tournament with hardly any rest.

Despite all the effort our guys put into what they do, it’s quite unfortunate to note that in terms of international competition, our wings are still clipped, because of the suspension issued on the Philippines by FIBA.

PBA It’s sad that the entire root of all of this entire mess, once again, as with many social issues that have arisen here in the Philippines over the years, is politics. Political bickering, infighting, internal strife- there are many terms that can point to it, but there is only clear residual effect- the blatant slapping around of the “innocent”, and those unbeknowst to the peril itself as a variable.

My father once told me that the problem with this country was that everyone took everything “too personally”. A broad a statement as that is, such an assertion does have merit, in that, if only those with authority would cease in orchestrating a power struggle scenario, and just focus on nurturing the programs that are already out there, augmenting the system positively by instituting worthwhile add-ons, and working on giving those who perform faithfully/outstandingly under that system the incentives due them.

Until those in the castle of squalid brothel we call our government go through one heck of an epiphany, we might as well make a basketball hoop out of wood and scrap metal and a make due with a papier-mache trophy. Why you ask? Because that’s as far as we’ll get when it comes to leaving a decent imprint not only on the world of international sports, but also, making a mark on the world’s stage as a country ruled by the level-headed people who DO NOT condone the insistence of institutions run by ivory-towered stooges who could care less about his/her FELLOWMEN, much less, his/her country/countrymen, and EVEN FURTHER DOWN THE LADDER, a professional athlete looking to “serve”. =)


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