Posted by: sportsandbeans | September 18, 2006

Flying A and the Kings

Milo by Milo

According to rumors, the Barangay Ginebra Kings likes former Alaska star Johnny Abarrientos to be part of their roster.

Abarrientos, who has said that he wanted to go back to Alaska after he was waived by the Coca-Cola Tigers, may be donning a different red and white jersey this season if this deal with the Kings falls through.

After all, the Alaska Aces would have a glut in their roster should they add the aging veteran. They already have Mike Cortez, Rensy Bajar and Willie Miller in Johnny’s position.

Moving to Ginebra may actually be good for Johnny Abarrientos after all. He can be their third point guard behind Edgar Echavez and Jayjay Helterbrand while the other guards, Mark Macapagal, Mark Caguioa and Rodney Santos could play the two. So playing-time wise, it is really good for Johnny despite being behind two point guards.

What could Johnny Abarrientos provide for the Gin Kings?

The entrance of Johnny Abarrientos could provide the backcourt experience they need to fuel their offense. With a to-die-for frontline already in the books, all they need is an orchestrator for the entire Ginebra machine to work. Plus, oh look, Jayjay Helterbrand is going to be out for a while since he injured his right hip flexor muscle in a preseason game against the Purefoods Chunkee Giants. Helterbrand’s backup guard Egar Echavez is no better as he is in the injury list as well.

Look at the lineup he’s servicing should he land in the valley of the Kings: Erik Menk, Rudy Hatfield, Rafi Reavis, Billy Mamaril, Andy Seigle, Rommel Adducul, Mike Holper, Mark Caguioa, Sunday Salvacion, Mark Macapagal, Rodney Santos and Jayjay Helterbrand. Add Abarrientos, named as one of the 25 greatest players in the PBA, to the roster and you have one of the most powerful lineups to be ever assembled on paper.

His experience too could help train the young backcourt of the Kings. Their point guards are known to sometimes make those rushed, forced shots back then, causing disruptions in the line of offense. Also, one of the Kings’ weaknesses is if the game pace slows down.

A little mentoring from a veteran like Abarrientos could help these guards to develop their game sense, which in turn may translate into better ball movement in the Kings should they fail to turn the game into their free-flowing style they crave for. If Abarrientos can mold these young point guards to work the half-court set, as he mastered throughout the years in Alaska, then the Kings can adapt to any style of play.

The problem may lie though if he can still run up and down the court with ease that got him the moniker “Flying A” should the style of the game flow their way. The Gin Kings are well-known for their run-and-gun game. Think Phoenix Suns in the NBA but with a bit more aggressive defense. Abarrientos, aged veteran of 34, may not be able to keep up with the running game of the Kings, and slow the pace down for the Kings. This style may also bring down the “Flying A” in the course of the tournament, as it may affect his health and condition as well.

The other problem will be rotation once Helterbrand and Echavez get back into the picture, but that is a little problem compared to what Abarrientos could bring to the table.

Johnny Abarrientos will be great with Ginebra. Hopefully, just before he retires, he will once again taste the championship – a proper end for this all-star point guard who almost became the first Filipino basketball athlete to play in the NBA.



  1. ei., mga kabrgy.,zZzupp? grabeh sobrang galing tlga ng asawa qng c mark and jayjay..grabeh ginebra tlga you mark and jayjay..muah..

  2. ang galing nyo ginebra you reach that far. sana lang po wag nyo laging ibench c mark macapagal

  3. aNg gLing ng GinEbra… pNka-lUv q sKnla ay c maRk mAcaPagaL.. sNa mabigyan p xa ng pLaying tiMe.. dBle nxT coNferEnce., sNa kYanin niYo nA mG-cHampiOn uLit wiThout RuDy hAtfiEld, MaRk CaGuiOa anD jAyjAy hElteRbRand cOz thEy’re in in tHE RP TEaM pLus Rafi Revis as an alTernate in tHE RP TeAm… kAyA niYo yAn.. lAkaSan niYo lng l00b niyo…

    i’LL aLwAys bE heRe t0 suPpoRt u guYs..

  4. hai..pnkama2hal kong jj.. msta knb?? mis n mis n kta.. grbe!!! d q ata kya d k mkta d mglro esp 4 our team.. hMMmm..

  5. Anyone know where I can buy a new Helterbrand or Caguioa Jersey? You can e-mail me at

  6. waaaa la lng binebra fans lng hehehe!!!!!

  7. ei…mag upload nmn kau ng mga videos nito!!!

  8. sana marami pang ma upload na videos featuring johnny abarrientos…………..T_T ps..GUD LUK SAYO!! ^_^

  9. go mga kabarangayzzzzzzzz!!!!!!
    bawi nlng tyo nxt season………
    i love mark caguioa and jayjay helterbrand!!!!!!!!!

  10. wow gustong gusto ko rin ang BRGY. GINEBRA KINGS!!!

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