Posted by: sportsandbeans | October 11, 2007

Collegiate Champions League 2007- Sets and Bets

By Migs

The Collegiate Champions League is just around the corner.

Who’s excited? I’d bet you are.

Last year, the UE Red Warriors edged the San Beda Red Lions, 66-59 to claim the CCL crown. I think that this year, more attention ought to be given to this competition, as the popularity of college hoops in the country seems to be at an all time high. Nabbing bragging rights to being dubbed as the “best of the best” should be enough incentive for the media, and the players, to act like it were “3pm in the Big Dome”, so to speak. 

The leagues participating in the CCL are as follows (thanks to for this):

Now I realize that most people who have gotten so accustomed to the NCAA and UAAP flooding the airwaves might scoff at the hardwood credibility of the provincial leagues cited above. Do know, though, that many of the Philippines’ best ballers didn’t walk down the same path as the Rico Villanuevas, Joseph Yeos, Yousif Al Jamals, or Jason Castros of this world. A lot of them started in small markets, then made it big later on. 

Leyte native and former 4-time PBA MVP and champion Ramon “El Presidente” Fernandez was a graduate not of Letran, or Ateneo, or La Salle, but of a regional school in the University of San Carlos, based in Cebu. During his tenure in the PBA, Fernandez won a total of 19 champions, and is currently the all time leader in blocks and rebounds (consequently, he’s 2nd in steals and assists, too).  

2 time PBA MVP Abet Guidaben studied in the University of San Jose Recoletos. He finished his career with 15, 775 points, 2nd all time, and 8,570 total caroms, also second all time.

So you see, it’s not what school you come from, really. It’s what you make of the opportunities you’re given.

The 2007 edition of the CCL should feature a lot of intriguing matchups, and should serve as a sort of “primer” for hoop fans across the nation with regards to getting a glimpse of basketball of tomorrow’s “who’s who”.  Arao versus Ekwe? Maierhoffer versus Al Jamal? Chris Tiu versus Ogie Menor, or maybe the next big thing no one’s heard of? It’s all possible, and it’s all happening soon.

More information will be coming your way about the 2007 CCL as the days wear on.




  1. will you please inform us when will it start and what channel they are going to televise the CCL? i just really want to watch it…thank you.

  2. Great info Migs. You’re really a big help to hoop fanatics in the national level! I keep on visiting this site coz this is probably the best well-updated site on college hoops. Thanks and kudos!

  3. Hey guys! No word yet on the exact inaugural airing date for the CCL, but I’m sure that it will be aired over Solar Sports channel 34 on Skycable, and that the airing will start in November. 🙂

  4. yes indeed ==> (dit slaat dan eerder op het zinnetje na de puntjes) Click

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