Almost everyday, Migs & Milo discuss sports news and their opinions over lunch, Yahoo Messenger or even when they travel back to their homes after work.  They come up with really interesting discussions, probing and nitpicking each nook and cranny about a certain topic that it seems to be a waste leaving it all up in the air and buried within their minds.

Thus, Sports and Beans is born.

There is no actual meaning behind the title Sports and Beans.  It just sounded catchy.  Plus, if you search the full title, you will not find any site that would exactly link to it.  They’re not sure now, but if you search for “Sports and Beans” (with quotes), all the searches will always lead back to this site.  You might see some links that will not directly go to this site, but it is only due to the fact that this site is searchable in their engines as well.

Migs and Milo are just two regular guys who wish to share their opinions to the world too, and even have a discussion about it with the readers if need be.



  1. This is only the second blog I’ve ever accessed and this one is certainly catchy! Great word play… but may I suggest it could do with some color. Love the can of balls thing though.
    Depends what color you’re wearing but that UAAP game was a first class squeaker. That was great strategy and even more remarkable execution. i am biased.

  2. Hi. I had a good time reading your articles. Wanted to inquire if you can post a story on the complete line up of the Ateneo Blue Eagles Basketball team for UAAP season 70? Thanks.

  3. Hello Migs, Hello Milo. This is Gary Mercado of Basketball Exchange.

    Sorry to be communicating with you this way, but I’d like to talk with either of you. My email address is ghmercado at gmail dot com.

    Thanks very much and look forward to hearing from you both. Best Regards – Gary

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